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 Library - Champagnat Learning Centre (CLC)

Welcome to the Champagnat Learning Centre


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The library is the learning hub at the centre of the College where new and emerging information technologies are combined with traditional knowledge resources in a user-focused, service-rich environment that supports today’s social and educational patterns
 of learning, teaching, and research.

The role of the school library and information programs and services is to:

Facilitate the planning and implementation of learning programs that equip students with the skills necessary to succeed in a constantly changing social and economic environment. Through resource-based programs, students acquire skills to collect, critically analyse and organise information, problem-solve and communicate their understandings.

Provide and promotes quality fiction and non-fiction to develop and sustain in students the habit and enjoyment of reading for pleasure and to enrich students' intellectual, aesthetic, cultural and emotional growth.

Cater for differences in learning and teaching styles through the provision of and equality of access to, a wide range of materials, fiction and non-fiction print, audio, video and digital.

Provide teachers with access to relevant curriculum information and professional development materials within and outside the school; and opportunities to cooperatively plan implement and evaluate learning programs which integrate information resources and technologies.

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 ​​Opening Hours

7.30am – 4.00pm daily (4.30pm Wednesday)